Request Scoring Information/Reports

WREB automatically sends group exam score reports on all candidates to our member state boards; however, in some instances, you are ALSO required to send proof of your exam score(s).  Some of the WREB member states require the same item in different forms.  Prior to submitting your request for scores, please be sure to contact the state board in the state where you wish to practice, to better determine what you will need.

Once your scores are available, you will receive an email from WREB with a link for viewing your scores. Please DO NOT request scores until you have viewed your results.




Exam Content Explanation

This is a copy of the Candidate Guide

This information does NOT include scores.

Detailed Scores (click for larger sample)

This letter provides the breakdown of scores received in each section of your Dental, Dental Hygiene, or Restorative exam, with a WREB raised seal.

Beginning in 2009, with conjunctive scoring, only pass/fail results will be reported.

Individual Performance Report (click for larger sample)

Not available for exams given prior to 2004.

This report breaks down the score received for each procedure, in each section of the exam. Unsuccessful candidates automatically receive this review with their result letters. This is for Dental, Dental Hygiene, and Restorative candidates only.


Success Card

For exams prior to 2010 only.

This is a replica of the success card we used prior to 2010. The card lists the location of the exam, your name and address, candidate number and it shows pass outcome. It will be stamped as "Duplicate" and have the WREB raised seal.

If you took the exam in 2008 and prior, it will show the score you received for your exam. If you took the exam in 2009, it will show the word "pass."


Original Success Reports

For exams beginning 2010.

WREB will send an email to you once you have completed and passed your exam. You will have access to this report with your user name and password on the WREB website. You may print your report and keep it for your records. You may also print a copy for state board submittal. You do not need to order this.


Sealed Success Report

For exams beginning 2010.

This report is the same report that is available to candidates online. It lists the exam(s) taken, the dates and locations, the candidates name and address as well as the pass outcome in each section. Most member states are satisfied with the original report that you mail them, however, if they are requiring a report with the WREB raised seal, mailed directly to them, you will need to order this.


Certificate of Passing

This 8½" x 5½" certificate is suitable for framing. It states your name, location, and year that the exam was taken and passed; no score is documented.



Dental Hygiene Summary Profile Sheet

This is a summary sheet for unsuccessful candidates only which charts each validated tissue trauma, calculus, and probe and recession error.


Dental Examination History

For people who are getting their license by residency in California. This information is sent directly to the Dental Board of California from the WREB office.


Dental Hygiene Examination History

For people who are applying for dental hygiene licensure in California only. This information is sent directly to the Dental Hygiene Committee of California from the WREB office.


Notarized Photocopies

You do not have to contact WREB. Make a photocopy of your success card/report and get it notarized to send to the state board along with any other required documents.