Frequently Asked Questions and Advice From Candidates

  1. Does Western Regional Examining Board provide patients for candidates? If not, where can I find potential patients?

    WREB, the licensing boards of the member states, and the school where the examination is held do not supply patients. However, you can check with colleges, local homeless shelters, Salvation Army, etc.

  2. When will I receive the schedule for my examination?

    Schedules are posted approximately 4 weeks prior to the exam. You will receive an email notifying you that your schedule is available for viewing. Schedules will not be posted if materials are missing from an application. WREB will not provide examination schedules via telephone or fax.

  3. I am interested in a refresher course for dental/dental hygiene. What schools can I call?

    WREB has no information on the availability of refresher courses offered at any school. You may wish to contact the continuing education departments of accredited dental or dental hygiene schools directly. Also, visit the or websites for a list of accredited dental or dental hygiene schools.

  4. When will I receive the results of my examination?

    Results will be posted approximately 2-4 weeks following the last day clinical exam. You will receive an email notifying you that your results are available for viewing.

  5. What steps do I need to take to qualify for licensure in my state?

    The Western Regional Examining Board is a testing agency only and does not issue licenses. Successful completion of the WREB examination does not constitute licensure in any participating state. Questions regarding licensing and reciprocity should be directed to the State Board where licensure is sought.

  6. If I don't pass the WREB exam, can I retake it? What do I need to submit?
    Candidates who fail the examination may apply for re-examination. If you choose to re-apply online, you will not have to re-enter your personal information or upload a new photograph. Your log-in and photo will only be valid for the calendar year in which you created/uploaded them.

    You are allowed to take the exam three times within one (1) year of the initial test date. Candidates who are unsuccessful three times are required by WREB to take remediation in all areas of deficiency prior to retaking the exam. Upon failing a fourth time, additional remediation is required.

  7. What is the time limit after I pass WREB to apply for a license in a member state?

    You should contact individual state boards about time limits to apply for licensure. These times vary from state to state

  8. Since I am a foreign graduate, what must I do to be eligible to take the WREB exam?

    You should contact the state board where you wish to practice dentistry and inform that board that you are a foreign graduate and want to participate in the WREB dental exam.

    If you meet a state board's qualifications, that state board will send an original letter to the WREB office stating that you meet the requirements and are eligible to take the WREB dental exam. In some cases, you may be limited to practice only in that state.

  9. What if I change my name and want a new success card with my new name?

    WREB maintains your file under the name you used when you took the WREB exam. This will not impede your ability to be licensed. Your state licensing board will tell you what documentation they need. If you should need a copy of your certificate at a later date, and you have a different name, you will be asked to supply the name you had when you took the WREB examination.